Photographic fragments assembled and transformed

to create a new world of inverted materiality and proportions.

Rocks are floating, pebbles are flying away.

The gap between two petals becomes monumental.

Exploring the infinitely small details of the natural world to remind its beauty.

Everything is in the smallest thing

Less is all

Lauranne Bardet graduated from the Ecole Boulle in Paris, where she studied architectural rehabilitation. After several workshops across the world (Pratt Institute of New York, London Metropolitan School, Politecnico di Milano, ..) she refined her sense of detail at Hermes, designing bespoke furniture under the wing of Bruno Borrione, Philippe Starck’s business partner and head of his interior design department.

Then she launched her own interior design studio where she designs projects characterized by a sculptural approach of spaces, playing with proportions. Inspired by the mineral elements of the French Basque coast, she started producing large-format works in which small details take on theatrical dimensions. These creations are quickly noticed and she gets her first orders to produce tailor-made artworks for various projects.

Approached by Jean-Philippe Nuel & Partners’ Studio, globally known as one of the leading luxury interior design agency, she creates a number of pieces for the 144 bedrooms and suites of the Intercontinental Hotel Dieu of Lyon. Her subject becomes botanical, she reinterprets her practice of oil painting to turn it digital, offering prints where photography becomes abstract material.

These days, Lauranne Bardet is recognized as one of the major contributors to this project, which has been selected as the « Best Hotel Luxury » by the Gold Key Awards in 2019, also awarded at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in 2019, and short-listed at the 2020 Bar & Restaurant International Design Awards.

Born in 1990 in Toulouse, she lives and works in Biarritz.